Ilford Harman Reusable 35mm Camera | +2 Rolls of Films

ILFORD HARMAN REUSABLE 35MM CAMERA is a basic and accessible film camera for general use. Resembling a disposable camera, this plastic camera has the added benefits of a reusable design, including a film rewinding mechanism and latched door, and the built-in flash is powered by a replaceable, included AAA battery. The camera also incorporates a fixed-focus wide-angle lens, fixed shutter speed, and a clear window viewfinder for lining up your shots. Additionally, included with the camera are two rolls of Kentmere Pan 400 black and white negative film to get you started shooting.

Film Format: 35mm

Lens: Fixed Wide-Angle Prime

Shutter Speed: Fixed

Build-In Flash: Yes

Film Wind: Manual

Power Source: 1 x AAA Battery