IMPOSSIBLE Project Polaroid Emulsion Lift It Brush Set

Limited Edition, no longer available. Emulsion lifts are one of the most popular and fascinating creative manipulation techniques in analog instant photography. Originally emulsion lifts were only applicable with Polaroid peel apart film. Now it turns out that the chemistry of all Impossible integral films is perfectly suited for emulsion lifts! The emulsion lift is deceptively simple to achieve for a process so complex and unusual in its result. Basically it is all about the top emulsion of an instant picture being peeled off and transferred to a new surface receptor. The possibilities and the potential for image manipulations are endless, the results serve as an exciting mix of creativity and exploration. Together with SPÜRSINN, Impossible developed an exclusive and high quality brush set, called LIFT IT. The brushes and the soap contained in this unique set are of the highest quality and have been manufactured exclusively for emulsion lifts with new instant film materials by Impossible. No matter how long ago one might have taken the given images, the brushes of the "Lift It" set are especially adapted for lifting even older and hardened emulsions.


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