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Vintage photo studio for modern people. Specializing in Polaroid 8x10 and Wet Plate Collodion photography.

To book a shooting, please call us 5145970202, or send us an email at

Polaroid 8x10

8x10 inch Polaroid portrait taken in studio with large format camera and the largest Polaroid film available on the market. Le Studio Argentique is the only place in Montreal, offering you this unique experience. 

Price 150 $ taxes inc.

Wet Plate Collodion

The Studio Argentique offers you a timeless experience, having your portrait taken using the wet plate collodion process, one of the first photo techniques invented in 1850. This primitive process allows you to obtain an image of incredible finesse, and a breathtaking poetry, in addition to an unbeatable longevity. You will rediscover all the materiality of classic silver salt processes, you will attend all the preparation in our darkroom. The package includes: 1 hour of shooting and laboratory. An original photograph on metal plate, signed by the artist.

Price :

8x10 = 299$ taxes inc.

11x14 = 399taxes inc.

Your photographer : Pierre-Paolo Dori

Founder and art director of Le Studio Argentique, Pierre-Paolo is also a photographer specialized in old process like Wet Plate Collodion. His work has been exhibited in recognized art galleries in Europe and Canada, he also have participate several time to the Toronto "CONTAC Photography Festival".

Credit photo @ Silvano Magnone, Bruxelles.