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Formulary Printing-Out Paper / Salt Process Powder Kit - 500ml

Formulary Printing-Out Paper / Salt Process Powder Kit - 500ml

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Formulary's Printing-Out Paper (POP) Kit - also called salted paper - is a very old technique that was originally developed by William Henry Fox Talbot.

In the process, paper is first coated with a solution containing chloride ions. After drying, the paper is then sensitized with silver nitrate, which reacts with the chloride to form light-sensitive silver chloride. Upon exposure to ultraviolet light, the silver chloride is converted to silver metal, forming the image. Development is not necessary - thus the term "printing-out."

Salted paper prints have a beautiful delicacy in the lighter tones while the deeper shadows seem flat.  The visual impact of the prints is controlled, in part, by the paper used for printing.


  • Makes 500 ml working solution
  • Coats approximately 20-8x10 prints
  • Paper not included, sold separately
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