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    Discover our fine selection of film cameras. We have a lot of wonderful items in stock, from toy cameras, to collectible Leica. We also offer affordable cameras for beginners !

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  • Film

    The best selection of films in town. From 110 to 4x5. We carry all classic brands and special one: Kodak, Fuji, Ilford, Adox, Rollei, Fomapan, Washi, Cinestill, Agfa, Ferrania, Lomography, Flic Film, and more !

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  • Film LAB

    We always offer you quality and human service, at the best price on the market. We use Noritsu and Fuji equipment to process / scan / print your film. Send your film by the mail or drop it in store.

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We buy/sell/trade camera and analog photography equipment since 2015.

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Since 2015, the mission of Studio Argentique has been to facilitate and promote the use of film photography in an ultra-digital world.