Price list 2023


Bonjour / Hi !

We are more than happy to serve photographer everywhere around Canada and Quebec.

Your film contains small part of your life, your moment of happiness, your
trip around the world, so be sure we will take great care of them. We've
been offering analog lab service since 2015 and with time, we have
improved our machines and skills to become a recognized lab in Canada.
We are always there to help you in your art projects. Don’t hesitate to
ask us if you need a special service. 

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust in our services since the beginning. We are now processing hundreds of films every week, but we try to keep a fast turn over time.


For all questions concerning lab service, send us a mail or call us.

We don't process Super 8 film

Film soup on special request.

Film proccesing

We use only fresh chemicals, all films are processed carefully by our
lab technician. We process your films with the best Noristu film
processor, semi-automatic JOBO processor and by hand for special films
and artistic needs. EVERYTHING is done in house!


Negative processing only: in 135, 120 and 220 :

  • C-41 (colour negative film) = 8$
  • B&W = 10$
  • E-6 (colour positive film ) = No service until further notice.
  • ECN-2 : no service until further notice.
  • Push/Pull = 5.00$
  • Extra 5$ for 220 film roll.

110/127 film = 30$ dev+scan. We only process 110 color film, not B&W.

Processing a film = revealing the imges on the negative by using various chemicals. 

Film scanning

We use the famous scanner Noritsu HS-1800, available only for 135, 120 and mounted slide film. We also have a Fuji Frontier scanner for 135 film if you prefer the color cast from Fuji, and an Epson V700 for 4x5, Polaroid, 110 and 127 film. 


Scan only for an entire uncut film 135 and 120, several scan size available, see below

  • Scan regular (3200x2100px) = Jpeg 5.00$, Tiff 1o$
  • Scan XL (7000x4500px) = Jpeg 35.00$, Tiff 50$
  • Extra for a film already cut in strip = 5.00$ 
  • Slide film mounted: 0 to 10 = 2$ each. 10 to ∞ = 1$ each. Minimum order 20$.
  • Special scan price on demand: Polaroid, old photo, etc.

Photo printing

We use ink and photo paper from Fuji, the best quality "Chrystal Archive".


  • Print 4x6 : 1,50$, more than 10 prints = 0,50$
  • Print 5x7 : 2,50$
  • Print 8x10 : 8.50$
  • Print 8x12 : 10.00$
  • Contact sheet : 10.00$

Please do not send pictures to print by email or wetransfer, bring an USB key to the shop.

Mailling film

At Studio Argentique, we are happy to process film for
photographers around the country and abroad. It’s simple to use our
mail processing service; 

  1. Send your film to : Le Studio Argentique, 355 rue Rachel Est, H2W1E8, Montréal, QC, Canada. 
  2. Include all your information in the envelope; NAME, PHONE, EMAIL. 
  3. The service you need, you can check our price list on the FILM LAB
    page: if you are not sure, give us a call 5145970202 during the business
    hours or email us. 
  4. Please let us now also if you want the negative shipped back to your
    place, you can also come in the store to pick it up, please note that
    you have 2 months to come before we get rid of it. 
  5. Payment: you will receive an online invoice on your email adress
    with a payment link. You can pay by PayPal or by Interac money transfer. 

Return shipping; please note that we use regular Post Canada
mailing, we do not offer tracking number for your negative, if you need a
tracking number, additional fees will apply.