Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe Glossy Value Pack | 8x10 - 25 Sheets - x2 HP5

ILFORD MULTIGRADE RC DELUXE GLOSSY includes  a 25-sheet pack of glossy paper as well as two rolls of 35mm, 36-exposure HP5 Plus black and white negative film. It features a glossy 1M surface finish that is smooth and reflective in order to achieve noticeably deep black tones and a long apparent tonal scale. This Generation V paper features an updated emulsion with a more linear contrast profile that responds consistently and accurately to the full 00-5 range of Multigrade filters for fine tuning the look of prints. The paper also features a truly neutral base tint and responds especially well to different toning solutions for adjusting the final print color. The enhanced emulsion also affords deeper blacks along with enhanced mid-tone separation for greater flexibility when printing negatives of varying densities. Additionally, it is suitable for printing both conventional black and white negatives as well as chromogenic black and white negative films and the paper can be processed using standard black and white chemistry in either trays or using machine processors.

Paper Size: 8x10

Paper Type: Negative

Surface Finish: Glossy

Contrast: Multigrade

Tone: Neutral

Base Type: Resin Coated

Quantity: 25 Sheets

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