Cinestill Film 50D | 35mm - 36 Exposures

CINESTILL FILM 50D is re-formatted movie stock that has been prepared and packaged for use in still cameras. Utilizing a unique "Pre-Removal" stage, the traditional anti-halation rem-jet layer has been removed from this film, enabling its development in C-41 chemistry as well as the motion picture standard ECN-2 process. Benefitting from the distinct qualities of a low-speed motion picture stock, this daylight-balanced film is well-suited for outdoor shooting in bright conditions and exhibits a nominal sensitivity of ISO 50. If exposing under tungsten-balanced lighting conditions, an 80B filter is recommended along with exposing the film at ISO 12 for normal results. The slow speed of the film offers extensive control over the highlight regions of a scene, maintains accurate, yet dynamic, colors, and is ideal for portraiture and landscape photography. Its high degree of sharpness and fine grain structure is also particularly well-suited for scanning.

Film Format: 35mm

Number of Exposures: 36

Film Type: Color Negative

Film Speed: ISO 50

Color Balance: Daylight

Film Processing: C-41

Number of Rolls: 1

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