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Fujifilm Professional Velvia 50 | 120

Fujifilm Professional Velvia 50 | 120

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FUJIFILM PROFESSIONAL VELVIA 50 is a daylight-balanced color transparency film characterized by exceptionally high color saturation and vibrancy, as well as a neutral gray balance and extended detail throughout the highlight and shadow regions. It has a slow-speed nominal sensitivity of ISO 50/18° when processed in E-6 or CR-56 processes and can effectively be pulled one half stop or pushed one stop with minimal variation in color balance and tonal gradation. Additionally, Velvia 50 also exhibits a fine grain structure with high sharpness and resolving power, and is well-suited to a wide variety of shooting applications.

Film Format: 120

Film Type: Color Transparency

Film Speed: ISO 50

Color Balance: Daylight

Film Processing: E-6

Number of Rolls: 1

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