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Film Washi "R" 100 | 35mm

Film Washi "R" 100 | 35mm

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Due to the war situation in Ukraine, R-135 films, coated in Russia, will no longer be manufactured until further notice.

"R" is a panchromatic paper designed for photo booth, converted and perforated to be used in classic 135 cameras. Processed in specific reversal chemistry it gives a 35mm perforated stripe with small 24x36mm positive pictures.

This film can be loaded in classic processing reels and must be processed manually with specific chemistry for black & white slide, such like reversal kits by FOMA, ADOX, ROLLEI or BELLINI. The paper base of the film being much thicker, the re-exposure time will be increase by 50 %. It is possible to use the same processing time as FOMA PAN R.

We have the ADOX reversal kit in stock ! Look in the darkroom section. 

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