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Harman Direct Positive FB | 4x5 - 25 Sheets

Harman Direct Positive FB | 4x5 - 25 Sheets

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HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE FB is a premium quality, black & white photo paper. This fixed grade, high contrast paper is perfect for pinhole photography as exposure and processing in conventional black & white photo chemistry will achieve a positive print without the need for a negative. In addition, this versatile paper can be used to creative photograms or substituted for standard photo paper when printing from negatives in an enlarger. It can also be successfully used in other applications such as direct exposure in large format cameras.

Paper Size: 4x5

Paper Type: Positive (Reversal)

Surface Finish: Glossy 

Contrast: Multigrade

Tone: Neutral

Base Type: Fiber 

Quantity: 25 Sheets 

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