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Flic Film - Kodak Vision3 200T | 35mm - 36 Exposures

Flic Film - Kodak Vision3 200T | 35mm - 36 Exposures

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KODAK VISION3 200T is a 200-speed tungsten film that provides the image structure of a 100 speed film with the versatility of a 200 speed product, offering you the benefits of two films in one. This film features unrivaled highlight latitude and reduced grain in shadows. Additionally, you’ll find that this film performs superbly in both controlled interiors and in challenging high-contrast exteriors. Enjoy the added flexibility and increased creative control that comes with all the detail captured in the extremes of exposure.

Film Format: 35mm

Number of Exposures: 36

Film Type: Color Negative

Film Speed: ISO 200

Color Balance: Tungsten

Film Processing: ECN-2

Number of Rolls: 1

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