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Reto 3D 35mm Film Camera - Black

Reto 3D 35mm Film Camera - Black

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The Kodak Reto 3D is a 35mm film camera which captures an image from 3 different angles simultaneously, letting you create your own GIFs, or print hypnotizing lenticular 3D images. Affordable, small and lightweight, it presents an ideal entry point into both 3D and film photography as a whole, and comes with its own RETO 3D APP to make it a breeze to put your images together.

  • 35mm Film – suitable for 35mm negatives and slides
  • Built-in Flash – enable you to photograph day and night
  • Film Reload – not just a one-go toy but your all-time favorite
  • Focus-free – snap shots quickly knowing everything will be sharply in focus
  • Lightweight – turn it into your daily-life accessory
  • App Support – upload and stitch multiple images into 3D GIFs in a few seconds
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